Beautiful Home Guides

Omega Paint Guide guide is a glossary of tips that you need to know before you start painting the walls of your house. It is not just for protection but an expression of your mind. You can choose OPCI consultants to achieve your dream color scheme.


OPCI consultants will help you get started on a painting project in a organized way. A couple of things to remember, the color schemes are important for each room. If you have a small room better go with lighter shades and always use colors to speak your emotion.

  • Use our Paint Selector to check for our paint brands by selecting the surface and your budget.
  • Once you have selected your choice, download the data sheet which is available with all information on them.
  • Visit our offices or call our sales team to pay a visit to you.
  • Finally, Make sure door knobs, handles and other accessories are prevented from paint spillage.
  • Water proofing the walls will be always a great choice. OPCI has the best products of your choice and budget to suit your needs.


Our consultants will ensure you throughout the painting process right from pre-painting stage with our value added waterproofing products to ensure maximum life for the paints which will include surface preparation using our enhanced putty products. So whether you are painting interior, exterior or even metal or wooden surfaces OPCI has the right product for you. Call us today for assistance.


In order to ensure smooth lifecycle of your painting project, we have options from emulsions to washable paints and even stain resistant paints. However we recommend you to paint in a period of defined times to ensure that the aesthetic appeal is retained.


Harsh climates and weather conditions and failure to prepare surface, excess moisture dampen the quality with time. OPCI consultants will take you through the standard application procedures to ensure the paint stays long lasting.