Chairman's Message

When the late Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim Mohamed and I founded Omega Paints in 1979 our philosophy was simple: Provide a good product at a fair price, and always remember the customer is king.

Today, we at Omega Paints and Chemical Industries still follow that philosophy, providing our customers with quality products and services at extremely competitive prices, accommodated by honesty, integrity, and flexibility in meeting the needs and desires of our patrons. Our phenomenal growth and dominance of our target markets will attest to our success and commitment to excellence.

If you have yet to experience what Omega Paints has to offer first hand, my family and I invite you to give us a try. I know you will agree that Omega Paints has all the good things you're used to in a paint supplier. We therefore require your support by specifying our products and services on all your projects, to enable us to continue our research and development for the best, most innovative, sustainable quality to meet your coatings requirements.