Code of Conduct

OPC Industries has implemented a strict code of conduct as part of our responsibilities as a paints and chemicals manufacturer. For instance, we choose our raw materials based on several factors - quality, delivery, transparency, price, and their ability to meet our Manufacturing Code of Conduct.

Our Manufacturing Code of Conduct includes:

  • Health and Safety - Work is placed only in locations where no unusual risks are posed to the safety and well-being of OPCI employees.
  • Work Environment - Suppliers and partners are required to provide their workers with a safe and healthy work environment, living space and in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Employment Practices - Workers may not be younger than 16 years. All forms of forced labor are prohibited. Wages and benefits must meet legal requirements or the prevailing local industry standards, whichever is higher. Preference is given to business partners who work to respond to local community needs and the betterment of their employee's living standards. Working hours may not exceed 60 hours (regular and overtime combined) per week on a regular scheduled basis and overtime is to be compensated appropriately according to local and/or national law. We seek to work with partners who do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, beliefs, heritage, and disability.
  • Environmental Commitment - OPC Industries are committed to conduct operations in an environmentally sensitive manner and favor doing business with vendors that share our values. Vendors must commit to the disposal of production waste materials in an environmentally responsible manner according to the local laws and regulations. Vendors must ensure that manufacturing is done without the use of harmful and/or noxious substances.