Decorative Coatings

Whether you're painting a new villa or a multi-storey project or even just redecorating, our decorative range is sure to have absolutely everything you need to make your surroundings perfect for you.

Developed using the very latest pigment technologies, the Omega range represents the best value for money in a competitive market and offers a 4 to 7 year warranty. The Omega collection includes more than 25 types of paint ranging from specialist undercoats and preparation products to high-gloss enamel paints, textured wall coatings, pure acrylic emulsions, and roof paints. The trade and professional market can take advantage of a host of specialist coatings such as traffic paint, bituminous paints is also supported by a range of Omega accessories - crack-filler, wood-fillers and other widely used products to ensure a professional finish every time.

Decorative Coatings Datasheets

PaintCode Name Download
2009 Omega Unimatt Varnish Download
2010 Omega Unimatt Primer Download
2011 Omega Unimatt Sealer Download
2012 Omega Unimatt Primer Download
2110 Omega Unilkyd Undercoat Download
2112 Omega Unilkyd Undercoat Download
2118 Omega Unilkyd Alkali Resistant Primer Download
2119 Omega Unilkyd Alkali Resistant Primer Download
2610 Omega Unicryl Sealer Download
2616 Omega Unicryl Primer Download
4000 Omega Unigloss Emulsion Download
4005 Omega Unisilk Emulsion Download
4010 Omega Unitex Weather Proof Download
4012 Omega Unitex Fine Download
4016 Omega Unithermo Download
4040 Omega Anti-Carbonation Download
4041 Omega Unitex Anti-Carbonation Download
4050 Omega Unicryl Emulsion Download
4052 Omega Unimatt Emulsion Download
6600 Omega Unipox Putty Download
4055 Omega Unicryl Weather Proof Smooth Download
4100 Omega Unikyd Eggshell Download
4102 Omega Unikyd Eggshell Download
4110 Omega Unikyd Gloss Download
4112 Omega Unikyd Gloss Download
4120 Omega Unikyd Matt Download
4122 Omega Unikyd Matt Download
4425 Omega Traffic Paint Download
4620 Omega Tennis Court Paint WB Download
4625 Omega Tennis Court Paint SB Download
4630 Omega Unicryl Texture Download
5000 Omega Uniroll Texture Download
5010 Omega Unicryl Texture Download
5015 Omega Unicryl Texture Medium Download
5020 Omega Heavy Texture Download
5030 Omega Unistone Texture Download
5625 Omega Roof Tile Coating Download
5630 Omega Unicryl Enamel Download
6000 Omega Unifil Putty Download