Diluents & Others

Omega manufactures a wide range of specialty coatings and ancillary products for use by the trade and professional alike. Our flexible approach to research and development has led to the manufacture of many specialty products.

A Mordant Solution for the pre-treatment of galvanized metal prior to primer application

An anti-fungal emulsion for damp and dark areas

Heat resistant industrial coatings

Duct adhesive aluminum paints and more.

Diluents Datasheets

PaintCode Name Download
9000 Omega White Spirit Thinner Download
9010 Omega Unilac Thinner Download
9011 Omega Uniclean Thinner Download
9012 Omega Unicel Thinner Download
9015 Omega Unicryl Thinner Download
9016 Omega Unithane Thinner Download
9020 Omega Unipox Thinner Download
9021 Omega Unistoving Thinner Download
9025 Omega Unicure Thinner Download
9030 Omega Stoving Thinner Download
9050 Omega Retarder for Thinner Download
9999 Omega Paint Remover Download

Other Solutions

PaintCode Name Download
3010 Omega UCI Bond PVA Download
3020 Omega UCI Bond Hi -Solid Download
3030 Omega Siloxane Download
3040 Omega UCI SBR Download
3050 Omega UCI Unimix Plasticizer Download
4030 Omega Uniseal Download
4145 Omega Heat Resistant Paint Download
4150 Omega Unikyd Aluminium Download
4500 Omega Bituminous Paint Download
4600 Omega Unicryl Floor Paint Download
6520 Omega Duct Adhesive Download
7900 Omega Mordant Solution Download