Heat Resistant

Omega's Unithermo - A high-tech line of coating systems for roofs and walls, developed to maximise your energy savings and meet the world-wide demand for moe eco-friendly coatings.


  • Above 82% Solar Reflectance -95% Thermal emittance
  • Can lower roof and wall surface tempertaures by as much as 37'(F) EPA. Keeping your home cooler inside and thereby significantly reducing your cooling costs and conserving energy.
  • Excellent UV protection, highly durable and weather resistant. Apply over new or existing roofs and walls.
  • Protect concrete, metal, and other roof surfaces.
  • Acts breathing memebrane allowing trapped mositure to escape.
  • Elastomeric properties allowfor expanision and contraction with roof and wall substrate.
  • Use on roofs & horizontal surfaces, use on walls & vertical surfaces.