Our History

Omega Paints & Chemical Industries, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is one of the oldest paint manufacturers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as, the Arabian Gulf peninsula. It is wholly Bahraini owned and has been active in the paints and chemical industries since the 1960's and are producing our flagship brand: Omega®

1940's - The late Ahmed Ebrahim Mohamed established a general trading company between Bahrain, Beirut, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Sharjah representing some of the well-known paint companies in the world.

1960's - Ahmed Ebrahim Mohamed establishment began trading in all types of paints, building materials, with specialization and emphasis on decorative coatings; importing paints from different countries like UK, Europe, and Lebanon.

1970's - Foreseeing the potential increase in demand for paints due to the rapid infrastructural development in Bahrain, the late Ahmed and his son Hamed Alshawi founded Omega Paints Chemical Industries (OPCI) in the Sitra North Industrial Area offering decorative coatings for its clientele base.

1980's - Omega Paints Chemical Industries (OPCI) introduced wood finishing, epoxies, auto and industrial paints in its production line along with other products in its Sitra plant in Bahrain. Furthermore, with the demand of the consultants and engineers, OPCI shareholders founded Artcon, a skilled paint applicator company to meet the needs and guarantees of the products and to serve the satisfaction of its customers.

1990's - Technology was introduced at OPCI as paint and coatings became more protective before design. OPCI partnered with high quality suppliers like Bayer, Dupont, Evonik, and BYK to ensure that raw materials are mixed with the latest technology for anti carbonation, anti cracking, and prevention of damages to its end products.

2000's - OPCI expanded its production capacity to more than 10 million liters per annum. In addition, Omega Paints received recognition for high quality assurance and was certified under ISO 9001:2000. Heat reflective and water seal solutions have been introduced.