Research & Development

Research and Development is a core part of our business at OPC Industries. Major decisions in our company are made on the bases of research and development. Our level of competition, production processes and methods are rapidly increasing, it is of special importance to OPC Industries to develop formation to suit specific client or market needs, as based on our values, customer satisfaction is our priority.

Our research and development team are continuously studying our products in terms of specifications, colors, and quantity. In addition, R&D at OPC Industries are always trying to improve surface preparation, application, and coverage utilization of each and every of our products under Omega ®.

One of our exciting development is the introduction of our excellent heat reflective, cooling-energy saving coating system; Omega UniThermo. A high-tech line coatings for roofs and walls developed to maximize energy savings and meet the worldwide demand for more eco-friendly coatings. Omega UniThermo contains no solvents and conforms to air pollution standards and VOC requirements as part of our sustainability program to meet economical and environmental standards.

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