Technical Training

OPC Industries is devoted towards facing its challenges as a paint and chemical manufacturer in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Challenges such as developing new products, solving technical problems, or providing technical training to its staff, our training program help improve our products and processes and support our staff in creating new market and opportunities for OPCI.

Our technical training program help our staff understand the products, services, and in troubleshooting. In addition, it may benefit our staff competency for higher and better quality productivity. Finally, it gives the opportunity to lower our costs in the long run, making sure that our products are competitively priced and more affordable to our clients.

Some of our technical training program revolves around the following departments:

Lab > Product Development >

  • Develop product based on specifications drawn up by clients
  • Design test methods and develop new formulas
  • Prepare data sheets and other technical documents to support the product

Assembly Lines > Production Process >

  • On site review of operations processes
  • Preparation of solutions to resolve bottlenecks
  • Monitoring implementation of solutions over a specified period of time to determine effectiveness